me telling dovegreyreader about The Room of Lost things
comfy chair! nice scones! come on over …

(it’s true blogging WILL eat itself. with jam and cream.)

and here’s a nice one from a shop we clearly must all visit in Paris

(In the interests of fairness I feel I must point out there was also a grumpy-making review in the IoS complaining of the book’s ‘essential literalness’. Hey ho, do I get points then, for actually achieving what I set out to do? No? Ah well, can’t please them all.) And it’s true the Indie itself gave a v nice review the week before. Am ever so pleased about pleasing the WCW-quoters though. The red wheelbarrow. What a great poem. (Floats back to Welington 1983 and Bill Manhire’s American Lit lectures, William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens and Emily Dickenson and oh, all those words …)