You know when you fly somewhere for not quite 3 days and on the 3rd day, just before you fly home, you’re finally really over your jetlag? Ya-hah. So, with my head still swimming having only got in this morning (and I’m writing up this trip this for Diva so don’t want to give ALL the ins and outs), I can say this :

great food (mmm – cheese, wine, chocolate – eek, migraine, moi??!!), delicious market, brilliant John & Yoko exhibition at the Fine Arts Musee (lovely gallery/museum in general), pleasingly wide variety of lesbians, possibly more electronic music/clubbingness than this particular writer ever thought she needed (but no less enjoyable for that), couple of lovely little boutique-y designers, an interesting willingness on the part of many of the LGBT people we met (wide selection of movers & shakers in Montreal gay community) to tell us they almost NEVER go to the village – along with a massive amount of people who were there (so clearly someone’s going villaging!), more great food, a little too much tequila on my part (just the once though, so that’s good work I thought), very good company in the shape of fellow writers, disappointingly noisy children on plane back (no, I know it’s not their fault, it’s their parents’ fault who book night flights with babies and then are honestly surprised when their poor babies cry all night!!) er … and some more splendid food. Oh and a sauna. Nice. Tired. Home’s nice too.

Here’s a few links :
a nice shiny lesbian international travel site from Tanya who also knows her Montreal
lovely Courtney who had to lug video camera round the whole time with her – but will no doubt have some pretty pics soon
Matt, who unlike me, does know (er, and care) about the whole music scene thing
these nice Montreal LGBT film festival people
and this event/club/do/party meow mix which – at least on the night we were there – was the coolest, funniest, queerest thing I saw in Montreal. And I mean that ONLY in a good way.
plus Daniel’s blog on/in gay Montreal.

Like I say, more to come in Diva later. And charmant Andrew (Gay Times) and excessively youthful Jamie (Out in the City) are writing it for UK gay publications too. (Do men and women look at cities differently? Do lesbians and gay men look at cities differently? Discuss.)

After so much work away in the past month, is very very nice to be home.

Starting the new book a fortnight today. Do hope I remember how to write books by then.