Just in from Bowel Cancer UK’s 25th Anniversary do. At Downing St. Proud to be there. Grateful to Samantha Cameron for hosting (yes, I know, but hey, they get the people in, right??)
Lovely to meet Shelley’s sister Leah’s oncologist. (Leah died of her well-challenged* bowel cancer last year.)
I found it hard to hear people talk about the differences between a ‘sexy cancer like breast cancer’ and all the rest. I find it hard that cancer charities feel like they need to differentiate between themselves.
Sad too, to feel that ‘mine’ was perceived as a ‘sexy’ cancer, when for my wife and I it meant such losses (infertility not least among them) and it certainly wasn’t easy to have, and we know so many people who are not here because of their breast cancer, and yet …
BOWEL cancer (yes it is to do with the word) needs money, it really does. It finds it is not pretty in the world, in the shy, silly, easily-embarrassed world. It is EXTREMELY curable caught early. It needs to get that word out.
So. Here they are.
Go share, donate, give, make better. Thank you.
Bowel Cancer UK

* I’ve had cancer (surgery, chemo, radiotherapy), I do not do ‘battle’, or ‘fight’, or any of the other stupidly militaristic words – I’m a Buddhist! But challenge works for me, very well.