As regular readers of my blog will know, I’ve been working on the Chaosbaby Project, on and off, for the past two years. This summer 25 of us (our Open Space making sessions have been attended by more than 60 artists to date) will get together for 6 days R&D to take the narrative further, develop characters, look at design, make stuff up. All of that.
And, while we’ve done so on less than a shoestring so far, and will continue to work regardless – because we want to make this show, because we believe in this show, because we’re loving exploring what it means to work totally collaboratively – now’s the time that some money will come in handy.

So, we’re applying for funding (we worked on our ACE grants for arts application in Open Space! … er, and then I wrote it up with lots of group support!!), looking at where else we can source what we need, and asking YOU for help. We don’t need much. A quid’d be great. Honest, it would. And if that’s too much, which I know it is for some people, then sharing the wefund video would be really helpful too. And if you fancy getting something back for your bucks, then have a look at the incentives on the right hand side of the video page. Songs, photos, character names, workshops … thank you for any help you can give us, big or small or simply sharing this info.

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