Right then, I know you know The Purple Shroud (aka Theodora 2) came out last week and I’ve been doing masses of events for it (including two festivals in two different water-logged fields this coming weekend, in Shrewsbury and Northampton – mmm, can’t wait!)
edited to add : LFest was brilliant, and Kelmarsh was, terribly sadly, washed out. Such an awful lot of work by so many to no avail.

But I’ve also been directing Janet Prince in Philip Meeks’ Murder, Marple and Me which is at the Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, from 1-26th August.

This coming Monday 16th at 8pm, we’re doing an impro benefit to raise funds for the show – a version of Steve Frost’s Impro Allstars with me (improvising! like the old days!), Steve Frost, Steve Steen, Andy Smart, Luke Sorba.

Then on Saturday 28th at 4pm we’ll be showing the only London preview of Murder, Marple and Me.

Both gigs are at :
The Hob
7 Devonshire Rd
(just across the road from Forest Hill station)

Be great to see you if you fancy either or both.