In case you’re here from the Observer/Guardian piece, to find the first chapter of The Purple Shroud, or my (slightly more nuanced) thoughts on trailers than the snippet quoted, here you go …

(ps – I have no regrets about Penguin trailer at all, that & other Penguin publicity did v well for me in the US – Theodora earned out within three months. The Purple Shroud is published in UK by Virago, not Penguin, and right now I find myself interested in reader response to actual writing, rather than talking about writing. Hence giving this a go.)

Not Writing But Blogging

I have written a book. It is my thirteenth book. I am very proud of it, it’s called The Purple Shroud. I think it’s a good sequel to Theodora, and I think – as I do with every book I write, at the time I write it – that it’s the best book I’ve written. So far.

However, because it is 2012 and because this is the way things are done these days, I have been thinking about making a trailer which would be me, on screen, telling you about the book and finding ways – subliminal and not – to suggest you go out and buy it. Click a button and buy it. Buy it.
Many writers make these trailers. I made one for Theodora last year. I was happy with it and so were my publishers, and people said it made the book seem interesting and so…

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