So, I posted this to facebook, and there were loads of replies from other women (and some men) equally disgruntled. I posted it on twitter and a similar reaction occurred. Maybe 1/10 said they didn’t think it was intentional and so it was not that bad. The rest, an easy 9/10, agreed that for a series in it’s 50th year, to have NO WOMEN writers or directors was, well, a bit rubbish.
It’s not as if women don’t write fantasy or magic or time travel or even simply drama, or as if we don’t read it, or as if (some, not many) women don’t write the DW books.
I’m the same age as Dr Who. I like to think I have a memory of William Hartnell (I was a VERY advanced 3 year old). And when I see that there are no women writers or directors (that’s 16 jobs, not one of them taken by a woman) I am reminded we are nowhere near as equal as we’d like to think we are, nowhere near as ‘modern’, that a character who cares about the human race above all, is being written and directed in his current incarnation by half of that race.
Yes, I know TV is sexist to its bones (its naked women bones), but still, two hearts, and neither of them female? Shame.

And for the record – yes, I’d love to. There’s this story I wrote about the Thames …

Edited to add, I’ve used this piece in a response to a comment below, but I’d hate people who cared about the disparity (or those who say it doesn’t exist!) to miss the comment. The Dr Who issue has tended to concentrate on the lack of women writers, but as I said above, there are no women directors in this series either. Here’s some numbers on that.