When I was a kid my mother would never allow us to have hot cross buns before Good Friday. We usually (not always, bad Catholics) went to church for 3pm, and then (as we did with the midnight mass/mince pies) ate the hot cross buns after. I liked the quiet/dark of the afternoon church, draped statues. Then there’d be something like The Robe on telly that I’d watch with mother. She loved those old Sunday afternoon movies. She also liked the seasonal songs and rhymes. I was just singing the hot cross buns one to myself, and came up with a slightly adulterated version. Like many people, and especially freelancers, I don’t bother with the bank holidays, they’re always a really good time to get work done as the email & phone call quotient dips dramatically, but whatever you do/don’t do at this spring festival, I wish you a good one.

hot cross buns
hot cross buns
one a penny, two a penny hot cross buns
if you have no daughters, give them to your sons
if you have no children at all, the world will continue to look at you askance, but at least you get to eat all the buns …