I’ve been contemplating writing about the brutal NHS and welfare cuts that come into action today, but – while rehearsing (directing) full time and working on the Fun Palaces (more later) idea and (still) trying to finish my next first draft – I simply haven’t had time to get my head around what I wanted to say. Even if I did have time to clarify my thoughts, those thoughts are only No. NO. No. And anyway, they (the Tory and Lib-dems-as-Tories coalition) aren’t listening, haven’t listened, and don’t care even when they do hear. All of which I find far too depressing to blog about.
Here’s Sara Kewly saying it’s depressing and awful AND offering some solutions. And asking for yours. I love her blog for being passionate and upset and still pro-active.
Because even though we didn’t vote them in (and NONE of us voted for a coalition), we still have to live with what they’re doing to us and to one of the best things this country has ever created. And we CAN make a difference.