this week I am mostly finishing my new book edit (or slowly crawling towards finishing), filling in forms about Fun Palaces, going to meetings about Fun Palaces, getting some notes to my lovely Word Factory mentee Rebecca Swirsky, avidly studying next week’s Radio Times as I’m recording Pick of the Week the week after, and there’s also these :

Tuesday 12th, post-show discussion at Expectations with the Miscarriage Association, cast and creatives from Expectations and Shaky Isles
the discussion will no doubt touch on some of this Guardian piece (see also comments!), but also, hopefully, aspects raised in this lovely review, or this one, or this one (which appears to think the play made itself with no director. Tra la la …)
The Pleasance, 7.45pm

Wednesday 13th, sign-language interpreted performance of Expectations, with the very brilliant Jacqui Beckford
The Pleasance, 7.45pm

Thursday 14th, an Institute of Ideas Battle satellite :
All change in arts funding – Crisis or Opportunity?
I expect, being a glass half-full type, my answer will be a bit of both, depending on what we choose to do with the situation as it is (with a few dire warnings for the future thrown in, obv …)
Cockpit Theatre, 7.30pm

Sunday 17th, Writeidea Festival
talk/reading – books, theatre, making work, maybe a smattering of politics – all that stuff
Whitechapel Ideas Store (er, library), 5pm, free

ps, next week, Wed 20th, Maddy Costa and Jake Orr’s Theatre Club will be hosting their own post-show event for Expectations. This one, like a book group, is cast/writer/director-free, allowing anyone from the audience to fully discuss their experience of the show (without fear of us taking notes!). Maddy and Jake do great stuff, if I could sneak into this, I totally would! Theatre Club