Brilliant blog here from Amie and Emma (Shaky Isles producer, company, actors, writers, makers) about the post-show discussion after Expectations at The Pleasance on Tuesday night.

We want more of these conversations, want to prompt more of these conversations.
We don’t make work for it to stay in the black box.
We make work for it to reach out, to make a difference and for the audience’s reaction/responses to make a difference to us – for there to be Joan Littlewood’s idea of the infinity-sign/figure-of-eight between us on stage and you/them/us in the audience – ongoing and current, reaching out and in again to learn from/grow from each other (inside and outside of the theatre as well).

YOU being in the audience is what makes that meeting possible.

Ten more opportunities for this conversation : Tues-Sun, Pleasance Islington until Sunday 24th.
We’d love to meet you there, in the dialogue.

photo by Jenifer Toksvig
photo by Jenifer Toksvig