I am not a bitch. Or a whore, slut, ho, cunt.

I love Suzanne Moore’s piece about the Lily Allen thing.
And this from Black Feminists
And Sophie Heaton‘s piece too.
And this this! from Mia McKenzie/BlackGirlDangerous

I watched about 1.5 minutes of the Lily Allen video. It was more than enough for me to know it wasn’t speaking to me and I didn’t have to watch any more. And the thing that pisses me off right now (as well as everything brilliantly covered in the blogs above) is this – do we really have to ‘reclaim’ bitch as well?

Must we reclaim every word?
How about those calling women bitches, whores, cunts, sluts just stop it?

Could we not even consider getting to a place where we don’t have to RECLAIM anything any more because those who would denigrate us for reasons of gender, race, sexuality, ability, ethnicity, and every other reason ‘they’ choose to name-call ‘us’ for not being like ‘them’ JUST FUCKING STOP IT?

And if that still doesn’t make any sense to you, watch this astonishing, powerful, beautiful, heart-breaking piece from Deanna Rodger.