Dear 27 year old me,
today you have two interviews about Fun Palaces and one about your short story collection, you have a book reading tonight, tomorrow you fly to NYC to get a show you directed into a new theatre, on Sunday night you fly back in time for a Monday Fun Palaces interview.
Yes it is knackering, and it’s brilliant.
And you’re very lucky in that you also have a brilliant partner who gets how it is.
The thing is, 27 year old me, you wanted all these things then, and you didn’t understand that you hadn’t yet done the work that would make them happen. You hadn’t yet done ALL the work that was rejected or ‘not understood’ or seemed to end in nothing.
Those ‘failures’ got you to this place too.
Dear 75 year old me, I’m so looking forward to what you have to say to me at 51.
Stella x
(ps 75, do you think, by then, someone else might be paying for the flights?!)