Because we’re stuck with this lot if we don’t.
It’s 8 months until the next election. I’m really interested in how we use the passion of the Scottish Left (both those for independence and those against) to FULLY engage the (fractured) all-Britain Left, especially the too-many who feel so disenfranchised from Westminster politics that they choose (or don’t bother) to vote at all. I do not believe that the majority of this country agrees with the poor-punishing, disabled-attacking, divisive and brutal austerity-lie ‘coalition’. Rather than rely on UKIP to split the Tory vote*, we need to find a way to unite the Left and engage those who have given up on party-parliamentary democracy. It’s the only system we have right now, and therefore the only way of getting rid of this government. With another five years they WILL complete the dismantling of the NHS and our education system. Thank you Scottish voters, from both sides, for your passion. Time for everyone else to pick it up a little. A lot.

* it won’t, Tories will always vote Tory when it comes down to it, they’ve shown us that time and again, it’s the Labour Left vote that gets split to Greens, Respect, and other Left-leaning (or Left-seeming) parties. It’s the split vote that has (recent) historically gone to the LibDems (though I doubt that will happen now), but it was a left-split vote, rather than a pro-Tory vote, that enabled this (not)coalition to emerge.

ps – I have my hopes pinned on a positive result in New Zealand. watching you with interest, Aotearoa. xx